Tal från Ungkommunisternas festival i Aten

Kamrat Tudor framför ett tal till KNE och delegater från de 34 andra Ungdomsförbund från hela världen som närvarar vid ungdomsfestivalen @odigitis i Aten just nu. Talet framförs i sammanhanget av en diskussion och erfarenhetsutbyte med temat “Våra organisationers kamp under imperialistiska krig och kapitalets intensifierade offensiv mot folken.”

Talet lyder:

The peoples liberatory struggles, in this era of intensification of imperialism, of course has become more difficult; the status quo has the last five years intensified its propagandistic efforts- it reports with higher frequency, “on the atrocities of communism” and, “the increasing risk of war”. The bourgeoisie in Sweden like anywhere else works towards a war on the working class; and now as of the latest election that might be a much more imminent risk.

The electoral results shows not only the rise of fascism, the nature of social democracy and how Sweden has failed its people in not only historical education but education in general; it most earnestly shows the reality of contradictions, because as the bourgeoisie grows ever stronger(entering a new era of dissolving the welfare state of Sweden) we the communists has had an increase of 60% in the election! The communists moves ever forward and grows ever in strength!

And we, the Communist Youth of Sweden, can gladly report that we too have gained a lot with the rise of Fascism, as is to be expected. But of course this growth is only the good in the bad, the ability of the bourgeoisie to enforce their will is only the people’s detriment and we the communists must always and will always increase our work for the workers! We the young communists must never hesitate in our work!

We have in the election period learned very much, we have throughly critiqued our efforts and decided on new ways to educate the masses and ourselves! Because as our dear Washington post proclaims, “democracy dies in darkness”- and so We must be the fog lights that guides the proletariat!

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