Statement of solidarity for our comrades in Greece

In the aftermath of the recent attacks on the Communist Party of Greece, KKE, and its youth wing, KNE, the Communist Youth of Sweden, SKU, stands in solidarity with our comrades.

The murderous, barbaric attacks were carried out on Sunday 3 October in Thessaloniki, at the time when our comrades were distributing leaflets in Eleftherias Square in Ilioupolis. They were attacked by a group of 10-15 fascists, who, according to eyewitnesses, were armed with chains, knives and tasers. Several of our comrades have been injured and none of the perpetrators could be identified.

As expected in such cases, the government authorities continue to show their silent approval of the fascist attacks by allowing them the freedom to operate unhindered.

KKE and KNE in Thessaloniki have called for a rally on Saturday 9 October in Stavroupolis. We stand fast by our comrades in Greece in their struggle against the fascist agitators.

Communist Youth of Sweden (SKU)

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