Statement on the 250 days of imprisonment of Michail and Aleksander Kononovich

November 11th marks 250 days since brothers Aleksander and Mikhail Kononovich were imprisoned by the Ukrainian pro-Nazi regime. Until then, the World Federation of Democratic Youth has declared a week of solidarity with our jailed comrades, who have falsely been accused of acting as Russian and Belorussian spies.

SKU demands the immediate release of the Kononovich brothers. They have been arrested solely for expressing their opposition to the war on social media, and their involvement in the Ukrainian Communist and Labour movement, which has been totally criminalized by Zelensky’s fascist regime.

Unfortunately, the Kononovich brothers’ situation is not unique. Throughout Ukraine, young communists, trade union activists and anti fascists have been murdered, imprisoned or forced underground since the 2014 Maidan coup.

Throughout this war, it has been proven time and again that Ukraine is not a progressive symbol of democracy or justice, as the Western bourgeoisie and their propagandists have been so keen to point out. The regime’s repression of communists, the trade union movement, and the Russian-speaking population are concrete examples of the reactionary nature of the Ukrainian regime. The banning of opposition parties (including the Communist Party, which was the first party to be banned in 2014 following the fascist coup d’etat) and the use of Nazi paramilitaries should be enough to see through the lies being propagated about Ukraine’s government.

SKU expresses its total solidarity with the illegally jailed Kononovich brothers and all other communists and socialists who have been imprisoned, murdered, fled for their lives and had to go into hiding over the past 8 years and, in particular, since the outbreak of the war.

We demand an end to this terrible imperialist war between Russia and the West, which has caused so much devastation and death. And we demand that the Swedish imperialist government cease all military support to the Ukrainian regime, which only fuels the war and fills the wallets of the Swedish arms manufacturers. And instead, call for dialogue and a ceasefire between the parties. So that this madness can end at last.


Communist Youth of Sweden

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Statement on the attack on the headquarters of SKOJ and NKPJ

Last week, SKU received the troubling and enraging news from our comrades in SKOJ that the headquarters of SKOJ (and their mother party, NKPI) in Belgrade had been attacked by fascists who had smashed their windows and sprayed neo-Nazi slogans on the walls.

The Communist Youth of Sweden condemns this vicious attack on our comrades in Serbia carried out by the fascists that has been allowed by the reactionary bourgeois government to run amok. It is evident that the Serbian state, not only allow these types of violent acts of terrorism, but even actively enables them, as this is not the first time their HÓ has been attacked.

Fascists and neo-Nazis have over the past years increased their activities in the region and regularly deface anti-fascist monuments dedicated to the partisan heroes of Yugoslavia who fought off the fascist invaders and their collaborators.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades of SKOJ who keep the struggle for socialism, anti-imperialism, and anti-fascism alive within the youth of Serbia and former Yugoslavia.

Communist Youth of Sweden

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Greetings to the Youth Front of the Party of Labour

Dear comrades of the Youth Front of the Party of Labour,

Allow us, the Communist Youth of Sweden, to congratulate you for the formation of your organisation. We were excited to hear the news and we applaud your initiative! The need for Marxist-Leninist Youth Organisations in Europe is of great importance to channel the hope, frustrations and fighting spirit of European youth into a revolutionary struggle for a better society built on socialist principles, as capitalism is taking us down the road of barbarism. Only Communism is the solution for the various crises capitalism creates and it is our duty to lead the way for the millions of young people who increasingly find themselves in miserable situations caused by unemployment, homelessness, and climate anxiety – all products of capitalism and fully preventable under a centrally planned economy under a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. We hope to stay in touch with you and watch your progress with great interest from Sweden.

Comradely greetings,

Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund, SKU

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Kampanjen “Rädda LAS!”

SKU ställer sig bakom Rädda LAS-kampanjen och dess uttalande!

Den 11 januari samlades ett flertal fackliga och socialistiska organisationer i Folkets Husby på inbjudan av Husby Arbetarcentrum (HAC) för att kicka igång kampanjen Rädda LAS. Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund ansluter sig till kampen och skriver under det offentliga uttalandet som kampanjen har publicerat på sin hemsida

Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund

Affisch för kampanjen "Rädda LAS"

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Demonstrationen mot AfS

I förrgår deltog SKU Stockholm i en motdemonstration, tillsammans med andra socialistiska organisationer, mot fascistiska AfS på deras torgmöte vid Norrmalmstorg.

Det är viktigt att konfrontera fascistiska arrangemang, passivitet gynnar endast deras tillväxt och papperstigern blir plötsligt fnösket i en skogsbrand. Motdemonstrationer hindrar dem från att sprida sin hatiska ideologi till allmänheten och låter samtidigt förbipasserande se att det finns alternativ till hatisk och mordisk politik, en rörelse som istället står upp för solidaritet. För oss Marxist-Leninister är det inget mindre än vår plikt att delta i antifascistiska aktioner, vi känner till fascismens historia samt vilket oerhörd brutalitet den är kapabel till.
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(Bokcirkel) “Kommunismen och Familjen” av Alexandra Kollontaj

Hej! Nu på söndag, den 15:e augusti klockan 20:00, ska vi ha en öppen bokdiskussion om Alexandra Kollontajs bok “Kommunismen och Familjen”. Texten är endast 9 sidor lång och behandlar, som titeln föreslår, hur familjen påverkas av samhällets ekonomiska bas. Diskussionen kommer föras via Discord.

Länk till boken:
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Du som vill vara med i bokcirkeln bör:

  1. Läsa boken “Kommunismen och Familjen.
  2. Gå med i vår discordserver.
  3.  Ansluta till Discord strax innan 20:00 på söndag.

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(Bokcirkel) “Imperialismen som kapitalismens högsta stadium” av Vladimir Lenin

Hej kamrater! Nu har det åter blivit dags för en ny bokcirkel med SKU! Som rubriken föreslår så ska vi denna gången ta oss ann Lenins “Imperialismen som kapitalismens högsta stadium”.

Bokdiskussionen kommer äga rum den 4:e juli klockan 18 på Zoom. Zoom-länken kommer att publiceras i vår discordserver en tid innan datumet för diskussionen.

Du som vill vara med i bokcirkeln bör:

  1. Läsa kapitel 1-2 ur boken “Imperialismen som kapitalismens högsta stadium.
  2. Gå med i vår discordserver.
  3. Hålla koll på discordservern för att inte missa när Zoom-länken publiceras.

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