Statement on the attack on the headquarters of SKOJ and NKPJ

Last week, SKU received the troubling and enraging news from our comrades in SKOJ that the headquarters of SKOJ (and their mother party, NKPI) in Belgrade had been attacked by fascists who had smashed their windows and sprayed neo-Nazi slogans on the walls.

The Communist Youth of Sweden condemns this vicious attack on our comrades in Serbia carried out by the fascists that has been allowed by the reactionary bourgeois government to run amok. It is evident that the Serbian state, not only allow these types of violent acts of terrorism, but even actively enables them, as this is not the first time their HÓ has been attacked.

Fascists and neo-Nazis have over the past years increased their activities in the region and regularly deface anti-fascist monuments dedicated to the partisan heroes of Yugoslavia who fought off the fascist invaders and their collaborators.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades of SKOJ who keep the struggle for socialism, anti-imperialism, and anti-fascism alive within the youth of Serbia and former Yugoslavia.

Communist Youth of Sweden

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