Greetings to the Youth Front of the Party of Labour

Dear comrades of the Youth Front of the Party of Labour,

Allow us, the Communist Youth of Sweden, to congratulate you for the formation of your organisation. We were excited to hear the news and we applaud your initiative! The need for Marxist-Leninist Youth Organisations in Europe is of great importance to channel the hope, frustrations and fighting spirit of European youth into a revolutionary struggle for a better society built on socialist principles, as capitalism is taking us down the road of barbarism. Only Communism is the solution for the various crises capitalism creates and it is our duty to lead the way for the millions of young people who increasingly find themselves in miserable situations caused by unemployment, homelessness, and climate anxiety – all products of capitalism and fully preventable under a centrally planned economy under a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. We hope to stay in touch with you and watch your progress with great interest from Sweden.

Comradely greetings,

Sveriges Kommunistiska Ungdomsförbund, SKU

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