Statement on the killing of Jina Amini and the ongoing protest in Iran

The youth of Iran has taken to the streets this past week as a response to the theocratic dictatorship’s brutal murder of 22-year-old Jina Amini. Jina, who passed after slipping into a coma, had been fortured by the Iranian morality police for not having worn her hijab correctly. Women in Iran are regularly attacked and beaten in the open by the country’s morality police, the clergy, and followers of the theocratic regime.

The brave youth of Iran has since taken to the streets in open defiance of the dictatorship in many cities in Iran such as the country’s capital Tehran, Kirmaşan, Saqqez (where Jina lived), Sine, Mashhad, Esfahan and Oshnavieh. The state has responded with violent brutality, especially in the majority Kurdish cities, as dozens of protesters have been shot and killed since the protests began.

The Communist Youth of Sweden condemns the reactionary theocratic dictatorship of Iran for its continued harassment and murder of women and protesters. We mourn the murder of a woman whose crime was nothing more than trying to live her life in peace. And we stand behind the oppressed toiling masses of Iran who, year after year, tirelessly rise up and put their lives on the line in the struggle against the inhumanity and injustice of the theocratic regime.

Down with the dictatorship and long live the revolutionary spirit of the people of Iran!

Communist Youth of Sweden

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